Space Food And Beverage

  • Neha Phadtare
  • Onkarganesh.S.Phad Student, MIT college of food technology
Keywords: Microgravity


Many people wonder how and what the astronauts eat, drink and consume during their space missions at the space station. Space food and beverage are the variety of food products that are consumed by the astronauts in the outer space. Many space missions are carried out to bring about different trends in the space foods and the beverages. Various parameters are such as the food preaparations,characteristics,preservations,packaging,innovations,processed food products and different case study aspects are taken into considerations .Space food and beverage study also includes its types, innovations ,challenges and the  applications. This study includes the nutritional diet of the astronauts in the space station. space food and beverages also include advancement in the techniques to prolong the shelf life and to the nutritional requirements of the astronauts during the missions. Space food and the beverages should be easy to prepare and easy to clean up in the micro gravity. Space beverages also include study on the different requirements and the experiments on the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic and the way of their consumption in the space station. Menu selection and diet items are have been tremendously evolved from the mercury mission. This study involves the actual food system in the space stations.


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