Utilization of Whey Protein as Whey Ice Candy Produce Bioactive Peptides and Reduce Its Antigenicity

  • Ravi Viradiya G N Patel College of Dairy technology, SDAU, Gujarat-385506, India
Keywords: Whey protein, Whey ice candy, Bioactive peptide, Antigenicity


In this study, reduce the antigenicity of whey protein using the digestive enzyme it’s the way whey ice candy has been preparing. Pepsin enzyme was used for hydrolysis and produce bioactive peptide-like ACE-inhibitor, an opioid peptide which is beneficial for cardiovascular health, nervous system, improve digestibility system, increases metal-binding ability, anti- appetizing and boost immunity. It is containing fruit juices and sugar which will increase the palatability of whey candy. According to the consumer acceptability test of whey, ice candy was successfully accepted in the market.


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