Herbal coatings on freshly harvested fruits and vegetables


Antimicrobial activity
fruits and vegetables
herbal edible coating

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Fruits and vegetables are very important constituents of the daily diet. They are highly demanded in the market because of their nutritional value. Nearly 30%of fruits and vegetables are damaged by micro-organisms, post-harvesting conditions during transportation and preservation. The herbal edible coating is an effective method to protect fruits and vegetables from spoilage. Herbal edible coating provides a protective covering of fruits and vegetables, this coating is beneficial to the environment and consumers. Herbal coatings are good barrier properties to oxygen, water vapor, and moisture loss. Lemongrass, aloe vera, neem, tulsi, mint, turmeric, and cinnamon are an edible coating agent for fruits and vegetables. The herbal-based edible coating has the ability to prevent microbial growth, control the ripening process and respiration rate in papaya, grapes, mango, cucumber, apple, tomato. Herbal coatings are the alternative source to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables as compared to other chemical coating techniques due to their eco-friendly nature. Post-harvest loss of fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the serious problems due to rapid spoilage. The edible coating is the most useful innovation for the shelf life of fruits. Thus, natural herbal extracts are being progressively studied as one of the additives in the edible coating which might be an innovative method for commercial application and an alternative source of chemical treatment leading to the increase of shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.



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