A review Meat alternative gaining importance over traditional meat products

  • Ajwalia Riya V Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar Gujarat, India.
Keywords: meat alternative, artificial meat, meat analog, cultured meat


The whole world is witness of, how environmental pressure is increase and greenhouse effect is also major concern because of exponential increase of population. Considering all these reasons, humans become health conscious and also worried about environment and also convince to adopt meat alternative instead of animal meat. Due to current scenario, market of artificial meat is at its peak. Concept of Meat analog is not new, it was followed by ancient times but it is now in trend. Some examples of it is as follows: Plant Based Meat Analogs, Cultured meat, Pulses, Algae, and Insects etc. [1] This article mainly covers about Plant based meat analogs, cultured meat, Algae, and pulses.


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A review Meat alternative gaining importance over traditional meat products
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