A review on technological innovation in the food industry


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Ojha S, Chavan S, Rajguru S. A review on technological innovation in the food industry. FASJ [Internet]. 2021 Aug. 31 [cited 2022 Oct. 3];2(05):326-30. Available from: https://fasj.org/index.php/fasj/article/view/81


The ever growing population in India has put forth exciting challenges to the food technologists. The utmost priority of this generation food technologists is to feed and cater the growing population with limited sources. Technological innovation in the food sector has a quantum effect in assembly and distribution of food. So as to sustain in this competitive world it is important to adopt and adapt to the newer technologies available. With the increased demand for packaged foods and drinks during the lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, the adaptation of newer technologies has become all the more important, as the demand for safe and nutritious food has increased. The technologies available in the market provide innovative solutions, assist pricing strategy and also live up to consumer expectations. The use of technology also changes the consumer’s perception of the product. Advancements in the food sector also help to create a digitally traceable and safer food system. Indian food industries are now accepting these novel strategies and technologies to keep up with the competitive world. This paper is an effort to review the technological advancements available and its application in the food industry for enhancing the processing and distribution techniques. The paper identifies different aspects of technological innovation for enhancing the food preservation and processing techniques.



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