Current Trends in Dairy Analogues: Functional Food


Dairy analogues
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In recent decades, functional food and novel products have risen dramatically in the food sector associated with a massive increase in shifting towards healthy diets. Milk is a complete food that provides a nutrient-dense diet among other food products. However, some drawbacks are deficiency of some minerals and also some health issues such as milk allergy and lactose intolerance, which have exacerbated certain population groups to seek dairy alternatives that are much more superior to conventional dairy products. At present, dairy analogs are available commercially and different types of dairy analogs are discussed in this review such as imitation milk, non-dairy fat, cheese analogs, and nondairy dessert. These products are considered a functional food, which provides health-promoting substances beyond their natural nutrients. Dairy analogs are prepared from soybean, oat, coconut, multigrain, etc., which are subjected to some pre-treatments to ensure their functional compounds. Plant-based dairy alternatives would endow a convenient option to dairy products when they are postulated into broadly appealing and highly nutritious products.



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