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Call For Paper

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Food and Agriculture spectrum acknowledges commitments, for example, Full Technical Review, Mini Reviews, News and Information about more updates in Machinery and Products, Recent Developments in nourishment and united industry/advertise and so forth, for distribution. Every one of the commitments are exposed to survey and Editorial Board maintains whatever authority is needed to distribute or alter appropriately. Pursues a severe enemy of plagiarism , thus contributes may observe the alert, while setting up the MS-Word. The commitments ought to be submitted as delicate duplicate (the acknowledged arrangement is MS-Word) through email to and online submission through our site

a) Full Technical Reviews
Full technical reviews (FTR) intended for submission should not typically be more than 6000 words, although in exceptional cases this can be exceeded. The contents of contributions should be related to current research area or of high relevance to industry, and should not be a mere reporting of research publications. Generally, it is expected that FTRs should not have more than 8 tables/illustrations/figures, in all.
b) Mini Reviews
Authors can submit Mini Reviews not exceeding 2000 words. Number of tables and illustrations/figures/images should not typically be more than 4.
c) News & Information
Readers or industries can contribute into this section. These news and information should not be more than 1000 words. The contributions will be acknowledged appropriately when news/information is published. Typically these should be quite recent and relevant information that would be useful to the readers as well as academicians and industries.
d) Product Information
Corporate can provide information about their products/machineries/services which are relevant to food industries, research institutes and academic bodies. Food and Agriculture Spectrum would publish this information free of cost and typically such information should not be more than 1000 words. The industries/organizations/institutions are invited to advertise in Food and Agriculture Spectrum. However, it is not a prerequisite.

Article approach and Reviewing:

Submission of an article to Food and Agriculture Spectrum by the relating writer is with seeing all writers know about its submission to Food and Agriculture Spectrum and that it isn't being submitted somewhere else for the thought of distribution in print or electronic medium. Creators are exclusively answerable for acquiring copyright freedom, any place it is material. Food and Agriculture Spectrum doesn't require any page charges and all articles are printed free of cost.

Every submission will be looked into by the peer review team in the field before a publication choice is made. If there should arise an occurrence of choice where an article is to be reexamined and submitted, writers instructed to give point by point answer/move made a report to analyst's remarks and furthermore to publication remarks, assuming any. The Editorial Board has the power to take an official conclusion in the matter of acknowledgment or dismissal of a submission. The Editorial choice is conclusive and no correspondence would be engaged once an ultimate conclusion is made about dismissal or acknowledgment.

Because of space impediments and additional requirements for language amendments/improvement, it might be important to alter the entries before they are acknowledged. In the event of significant article revisions, an altered form of submission would be sent to writers for consolidation of changes proposed. Article adjustments are authoritative on the writers Writers would get a complimentary duplicate of their article in PDF position and will get the duplicate of the magazine in the event that they are individuals.